Graduation party: 10 tips to organize it

Graduation party: probably the best time of university years. However the discussion of the thesis has gone, it is time to celebrate the conclusion of the journey. There are those who leave months before to organize the celebrations. It depends on what kind of person you are and your level of student spirit. To help Read More

Print graduation thesis: here is what and how to do it

The thesis is over! Now all that remains is to gather strength for the last undertaking: print the thesis. PRINT DEGREE THESIS: WHAT TO DO Before printing it, you need to do some security steps: CHECK ALL THESIS AND THE FRONT EXPECT It’s a big job but you have to do it! How many pages Read More

Degree thesis discussion: here’s how to deal with it without problems

Degree thesis discussion: a moment of real panic. But calm, it is overcome quickly. To begin with, we want to tell you the whole truth: in the committee that will hear you, no one has any idea what your thesis is about, apart from your supervisor and co-supervisor. Thesis discussion: some important details You are Read More

Acknowledgments thesis thanks: how to write them, where, why

Acknowledgments thesis graduation: little at the end! Let’s start from the beginning: first of all, congratulations. If you have reached this point, you are probably on the home straight. But thanks are obligatory? Should they be written at the beginning or at the end? What style should you use? THANKS DEGREE THESIS: HOW, WHERE, WHY Read More